Appreciating our Community at the Rail Yards Market

As we approach the half-way point at the Rail Yards Market (RYM), I would personally like to thank the residents of Albuquerque for embracing the Rail Yards Market and making it a hub for community interaction, a piston for local commerce, a showcase for local entertainers, educators and artists, and the place be on Sunday’s from 9am to 3pm in the beautiful Barelas neighborhood. I am certain that all of my fellow volunteers feel the same way I do: eternally grateful to you all, our neighbors and new-found friends!

Gearing up for the 2nd Half

Warehouse 508We are using the experiences we had in the 1st half of the season at the RYM and making some tweaks to better serve, entertain and educate our community. Some exciting modifications in-store for you for the 2nd half of the season at the RYM include closer collaboration for educational programming with our community sponsors, partners and stakeholders such as SUVA, Warehouse 508, OffCenter Community Arts ProjectWorking Classroom, and Harwood Art Center to mention just a few.


Additionally, we will be adding and rotating food options, vendors, artisans and entertainers to lend additional exposure to our fabulous and diverse community of local entrepreneurs and creative folks! The wide variety of food-truck options, like Irrational Pies, will continue. Farm to table options are schedule to increase as well. Your input and recommendations are certainly welcome. Please click here to comment.

This Sunday at the RYM

SUVASustainability by design with the South West University of Visual Arts (SUVA) on Sunday! RYM presents junior interior design student Alyssa Metoyer in our Educational Sustainability Zone. Alyssa specializes in environmentally sound designs that are sure to spark a desire to create better ways of living. Innovation meets inspiration and opens doors to a creative future combined with a friendly footprint. Join us and let your mind step forward in a life positive way!

The Children’s Zone will feature artist-educators, Rachel Harris-Huffman, Charlie GravinaTrinity Treat from OffCenter Community Arts Project. Children will make bookmarks, paper pendants on ball chains, and some small 2D art pieces. There will be lots of paper, magazines, markers, stamps with pads, regular and pattern-cutting scissors, and soooo many glue sticks for everyone to get real messy!

Rail Yards MarketPainter and muralist Nani Chacon will be displaying her incredible work in our Pop Up Fine Art Gallery, including several works that won’t be shown again after this weekend. Nani is also a programmer/partner at the RYM and we are proud to have her contributing her many talents to our community-powered Sundays!

Entertainers include Creative Movements for all ages at the Community Stage. On the Main Stage we will showcase New Mexico’s finest Poets, the RYM’s Rob Hobert and Dead Gunz, all the way from Phoenix, AZ – The Missing Parts. Additionally the amazing Audio Buddha, and one of Albuquerque’s top bands will be joining us: Cali Shaw Band! Please click here for a complete schedule

 Looking Back while Moving Forward

Thank YouFrom it’s inception, the RYM has been an all volunteer, community-powered event. Many folks, from walks of life came together with a similar mission, “The Rail Yards Market is focused on building a resilient, sustainable local economy that we all love to work and play in. Through food, art, and music, we hope to bring our community together in an atmosphere of fun, learning, and creativity” (from the RYM website). Due to all of the positive feedback we have received, we feel like we are succeeding! This success is due in large part to all of our partners, sponsors, volunteers, founding members and especially to you: our Albuquerque/New Mexico community! We could not have and cannot continue to succeed without you. Ahéhee’, Gracias and Thank You! See You Sunday!

Alex Paramo is an Author and Co-Founder of Community PublishingCommunity Publishing brings local artists of all mediums together in creative collaborations for distribution as multimedia eBooks while promoting literacy in our communities.


5 Reasons to Celebrate Youth Day at the Rail Yards Market

The great playwright George Bernard Shaw once said, “Youth is wasted on the young.” While our reflex response is to agree with Shaw, I seriously believe that as a society, we can change that. How? By creating safe-spaces where our young folks can express themselves, unlock their creative souls, and promote the ideas that are relevant to their generation. Our multidimensional world requires multi-sensory ideas and solutions and that is what the arts cultivate in all of us. In these days of constant information, our young folks are generating not only new ideas, but new paradigms! Their collective potential to change our unsustainable ways of living is something we must invest in.

Join us in celebration of our Empowered Youth

Young folks are adept at multiple modes of expression: visual, musical, kinesthetic. They have the potential to change thYouth Day Warehouse 508e world, and we have a responsibility to give them the tools with which to accomplish it! In that vein, we are very excited and honored to have Warehouse 508 be our guest programmer for our Youth Day theme! “Warehouse 508 is Albuquerque’s biggest youth art and entertainment center located in downtown Albuquerque. We offer a safe, structured and supervised facility to young adults and youth. Warehouse 508 provides a variety of programming and events that are youth driven, and youth focused.”


Honoring our Heritage at the Rail Yards Market

Stop for a moment and think about the things you do and encounter in everyday life? Where did our habits, customs and collective knowledge come from? Whether we’re conscious of it or not, our heritage guides us. The choices of our ancestors, their lives and their beliefs, are worthy of understanding because they continue to inform our lives and our world even today. As we’re collectively re-discovering the value of all of the ancient wisdom that was written off as antiquated, out-dated, etc., we now see how vital this wisdom is and the prominent role it needs to play in our society today.

The Henna Fairy

HeritagePooja Lopriore aka the Henna Fairy is a great example of how wisdom from the past can lead and instruct us today. Pooja is of Indian descent and learned the Art of Henna from her family. According to Pooja, “Henna is very vast subject that has been used in Science, Art, Spirituality and traditions around the links throughout the world. Its recorded use has been 5000 years and most of it has been medicinal. It is new to the west and thus most popularly known as body adornment and temporary tattoos.”

Southwest University of Visual ArtsSUVA

The Visual Arts have always been used as a means to communicate and pass down from one generation to the next elements of heritage and communal knowledge. To that overall end the Southwest University of Visual Arts (SUVA) is one of the Rail Yards Market‘s (RYM) sponsors and will be programming many of the Educational Zones! From SUVA’s mission statement, “Southwest University of Visual Arts strives to become an exemplary force in higher education recognized as a leading University of Art and Design.”


Celebrating Inter-Dependence Day

Each time this year, as parades and fireworks fill our 4th of July celebrations, we celebrate America’s birth as a nation. However, the Rail Yards Market (RYM) would like our community to consider celebrating this holiday by considering our Inter-dependence on each other and appreciate the holistic nature of our community, society and world.


One Market, One Community, One World, One Love

Lets think of how we treat other, how we treat the earth and natural resources, how nations interact with one another with the the realization that we are all connected. Think of how we can celebrate our freedom as a nation through working to improve our communities, our state, and other parts of the world, knowing that if they suffer, we suffer as well. Let’s celebrate knowing that we can all prosper together as a global community, a society and an interconnected community here in Albuquerque at the Rail Yards Market.

Inter-Dependence Day at the RYM

SUVARail Yards Market Live Art Zone sends a warm welcome out to the Southwest University of Visual Arts (SUVA)’s Junior student Torri Lester joining us on Sunday, July 6th, for our Market Day of Learning, Inspiration and the Live Demo Beauty of Oil Paints meeting the Canvas. RYM is proud to kick off our Suva Sponsorship presence with the artistic talents of Ms. Lester. Let yourself flow with us at RYM and the Spark of Creation that reflects our Interdependent ways of living. See you there!!!
***

Free Guitar Lessons for the Kiddos!

Keith Sanchez

Keith Sanchez, internationally recognized singer-songwriter, will be giving free lessons to the kiddos! Bring your own guitar and meet Keith at the Community Stage at ten! Keith is the founder and lead instructor at the New Mexico Academy of Rock & Blues. Spots still available for their summer camp, please visit their website ( for more info. Keith is also an educator, has worked on movie and theatrical scores and is a creative collaborator at Community Publishing.

Fundraiser: Raven & the Sweet Potato Pie Band

Raven & the Sweet Potato Band will be hosting a fundraiser for us at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center on Thursday July 10 (6 pm-10 pm). Additionally, they will be performing this Sunday at the market! Tickets for the fundraiser will be available at the Information Booth at the market & by emailing
Local musicians supporting our local market: Whats your #LocalMotive

PETriotic Adoption Event

PETriotic Event

Attention Rail Yards Market community and animal lovers everywhere, on Sunday, July 6, we are hosting Animal Humane New Mexico for a PET-riotic Adoption Event! In partnership with Albuquerque Animal Welfare and ASPCA, they are bringing lots of adoptable dogs & kittens that are looking for homes! Kiss 97.3 will be broadcasting live. Come on down this Sunday and find your new best friend! Please share to help spread the word and find these animals a loving new home.

The Gift of Giving

What motivates people to give: give of themselves, give of their possessions, give of their karmic energy? Do we as humans have an innate sense of responsibility toward our fellow person? Some folks like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., dedicated their life to giving and gave their life while giving. It is a well known fact that Dr. King gave his life to fight not only racial injustice, but economic injustices (please give the video a listen). Personally I volunteer my time and talents to the Rail Yards Market because I believe in it’s idea and subscribe to it’s ideals.

Part of the Mission

In my view, the Rail Yards Market (RYM) provides an invaluable opportunity to create a venue where  education, arts, entertainment and alternative food options are at the finger tips of the whole community. A community that includes those less fortunate who are not exposed to this type of programming in their everyday life.  Exposure to creativity and creative outlets can dramatically change the course of people lives. If my efforts at the RYM touches one of the 6,000 people that venture through on any given Sunday, then the many hours that all the volunteers put into the market are well worth it!

In the Spirit of Giving


The Rising Sun at the Rail Yards Market

Summer Solstice The Summer Solstice is when the summer begins in the Northern Hemisphere and for us living in  Mountain Time Zone that moment is “officially” occurs at 4:51 AM on Saturday, June 21. Known as  Litha in many pagan traditions, there are many celebrations that take place around the globe and  and in many creative ways.

Summer Solstice and the Midsummer Night

Summer Solstice In Northern European countries, Midsummer is a very important celebration that revolves  around  the Summer Solstice. Sometime known as St. John’s Day, this celebration is as important  as  Christmas and New Years Day. The celebration is often celebrated with bonfires and there is  usually  a clear inter-mingling with Christian rituals.

Rail Yards Market Fun

Along with our usual fantastic food and local growers we have a plethora of activities planned for you and your family at the Rail Yards Market this Sunday!

Summer Solstice Mandala

 The Live Arts Zone is deeply honored to welcome our very own Ramona Snow Teo, Graphic Designer, Co-Founder and Manager of Guerilla GraphiX. Ramona will be joined by gifted local Artist Hammon Buck for an all day Mandala set that will knock your socks off and inspire the Sacred Mind.


5 Reasons to spend Father’s Day at the Rail Yards Market

multi-languageAs most might surmise, we owe the celebration of Father’s Day to the adoption of Mother’s Day. Due to the efforts of  Sonora Smart Dodd, who was one of six children raised by a widower, the first “Father’s Day” was celebrated on July 19, 1910, in the state of Washington. The holiday was not recognized nationally until 1972. Father’s Day is celebrated on different dates around the world. In some countries it is not an official holiday.


Another well known fact about Father’s Day is the commercial aspect of the celebration. For better or for worse, in the U.S. over $9.4 billion dollars is spent celebrate dads. At the Rail Yards Market we have a plethora of locally made arts and crafts, food(s), produce to go along with great entertainment. The benefits of buying local are well documented. Below are some of the activities/entertainment we have planned for Father’s Day Sunday: